AB 626

Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations

On September 18, 2018, then-Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 626 (AB 626), amending the California Retail Food Code: Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations which established “microenterprise home kitchen operation” (MEHKO) as a new category of a retail food facility.


  • MEHKOs are restaurants in a private residence operated by the resident and are allowed to produce a very broad variety of complex food products that the CFO (Cottage Food Operations) permit does not allow. Chefs can make up to $50,000 a year, thus providing an opportunity for those who don’t have the means to open a brick and mortar operation.  
  • MEHKO are currently limited to selling 30 meals a day or 60 per week. 
  • MEHKO must submit and obtain the following before starting operations: 
  • Submit Standard Operating Procedures and menu to Environmental Health 
  • Pass an accredited Food Safety Manager Certification Exam  
  • Obtain a Food Handler Certification 
  • Schedule and pass a Home Inspection with the Environmental Health Department 
  • You can learn more about the California Retail Food Code, Chapter 11.6 by contacting support@micromunchie.com or reviewing the published document here

Why a Micro-Restaurant?

Micro-Restaurants provide more than food; it’s an organic experience that steps outside of the box. What we’ve seen from our experiences: 

  • Passionate Chefs
  • Fantastic Food
  • Cultural Staples
  • Amazing Adventures
  • Food You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

At MicroMunchie, we implore you to give the little guy a shot. Take a chance. Life is an adventure. Don’t settle for the same boring meals and support a local Micro-Restaurant in the process.