Community Empowerment

Investing In The People


If we all work together towards the greater good, we can accomplish so much.


We realize that marvelous things can be accomplished when like-minded people come together. In every community, there are non-profits full of compassionate people working for their communities. This does not go unnoticed. At MicroMunchie, we have decided to donate 2% of our revenue to support their tireless efforts as a token of gratitude and appreciation for the work they do. 


The reason for our commitment to giving back and helping our communities is simple – we want to leave a positive impact and lasting impression on our surroundings. We would be nothing without our partners and customers. It just makes sense to give back to communities; the places where we get to grow and thrive.


Furthermore, we believe a business philosophy centered around giving back to the communities we serve will be a guiding light internally. We also hope to give a reason for people to believe in our vision of creating economic opportunities while providing food diversity.


So, partner with us to spread joy around you through your lovingly prepared dishes. Or perhaps even opt to order from one of the passionate chefs in your community. While you chow down on outstanding local cuisine, feel the satisfaction of supporting local entrepreneurs – join us in building a shared success for everyone.