Our Mission

Food Diversity – Economic Opportunity

In life, some of the greatest things often remain undiscovered. Food should not be one of those things. We created MicroMunchie to connect those who are hungry with those who can cater to their culinary desires.

We are on a mission, one that takes food, the people who enjoy it, and the people who make it at the forefront of our endeavors. As a consumer, do you ever box yourself in with your food options? What we have found is a knowledge gap when it comes to locally-owned restaurants. Name brand big-box restaurants flood the scene and encapsulate every form of local and online advertising, leaving no room for the little guys…

We want to invite you to find the little guys, explore new tastes and flavors and ultimately take you on a trip around your own town.

It’s economic sharing for one and all. When you try a local Micro Restaurant, you support an individual, a person who started a business near you to serve you. It’s all about connections. Culinary greatness awaits, and with MicroMunchie, all you have to do is place an order.

MicroMunchie: For the people, for the culture.